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Where is she? - Honorary consul in Barbados wants to know if J’can woman at centre of scandal is alive

Published:Monday | January 11, 2021 | 12:08 AMJanet Silvera/Senior Gleaner Writer


Jamaica’s honorary consul to Barbados is trying to locate a Jamaican prostitute who was reportedly caught with two British tourists in a hotel in Barbados on December 30.

The Jamaican was said to have been invited to the hotel room for sex by the two Brits, who were being quarantined at the luxury hotel in St James, according to reports out of Barbados.

The late-night tryst was busted by security after the 24-year-old Jamaican was seen hopping over the wall after midnight and entering the couple’s room.

An alarm was raised and the police summoned and the trio rounded up.

The British duo was each fined £2,200 for breaching the island’s strict COVID-19 quarantine protocol and freed on £7,000 bail, but warned they would be jailed for nine months if they didn’t pay within seven days, the UK-based newspaper Daily Mail reported.

The British paper said the woman has returned to Jamaica and has confirmed the incident.

“Yes, I was with them two ... ,” she reportedly said. ‘Yes, we had a sex party and they paid me for my time with them, but I don’t want to bash them. They are nice people.

“It’s no one’s business what me do with me time and who I do it with,” she reportedly added.

The newspaper further reported that a friend had said that the Jamaican woman fled the island shortly after her arrest because of the publicity the case was getting.

This is the second time in six years that she has been reported missing.

In 2015, THE STAR had carried an article that the woman, then a teen, had disappeared from her Kingston 8 home.

It is not clear if she was ever found and later moved to Barbados.

But Jamaica’s honorary consul in the eastern Caribbean island, attorney-at-law Ella Drummond-Hoyos, said that she is concerned about the woman and wants verification from both immigration and the police that the Jamaican is alive.

The last record the police have of her was when she was taken to Paragon to be tested for COVID-19.

However, she was reportedly released, and efforts by the police, who have gone to her home several times, to locate her have proven futile, Drummond-Hoyos told The Gleaner.

The honorary consul is worried that the woman could be a victim of human trafficking since she also went missing in Jamaica and has been working on the streets of Barbados.

She is wondering whether the woman has left the island and how would she have been able to since Barbados is under lockdown conditions.

“How is it possible for her to skip the island?” Drummond-Hoyos asked.

“I need to know where [she] is,” she added.