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Cross slams cops for closing Dayton Campbell probe

Published:Monday | April 19, 2021 | 12:22 AM
Karen Cross
Karen Cross
Dayton Campbell
Dayton Campbell

Political activist Karen Cross has slammed the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) for ending investigations into sexual assault allegations she made against People’s National Party (PNP) General Secretary Dr Dayton Campbell.

In a statement on Sunday, the JCF said that after extensive investigations into the claims that were made against Campbell on social media by Karen Cross, the police have found no basis to the allegations.

“Although a formal statement was given by Ms Cross, she provided no evidence to substantiate the claims that she made, nor was she able to provide any person interested in making a complaint against Dr Campbell,” the JCF said.

But speaking to The Gleaner on Sunday, Cross maintained that she was speaking the truth and criticised the police for closing the case.

“My understanding of how police investigation should go is that them get a report, them fi go investigate. Them can’t rely on evidence to come to a conclusion about the case,” Cross said.

“... It’s just a month. I mean, in the modern world, investigations of this kind of nature would take time and effort and resources and visiting places. Our police don’t do that.”

Asked if she had evidence to substantiate her allegations, Cross replied: “I wouldn’t make them kind of allegations without having some kind of evidence to back it up, would I?”

Campbell, former member of parliament for St Ann North Western, on Sunday tweeted that a defamation case was filed in the Supreme Court on March 29 and all parties served, as he stoutly defended his reputation in the face of a social media campaign by Cross.

“The legal team also filed for an injunction. Those who started and continue to tell lies and spread rumours will face the full force of the law,” Campbell tweeted.

“That wouldn’t be a wise move for him, but if that’s the way him want to go, then I’m game. I’m not retracting anything.” said Cross.

“If him carry it somewhere and the judge ask me to present some evidence, I will give the judge that evidence. The lack of evidence don’t mean that it’s not true, and the presenting of evidence don’t mean that it’s true.”

Carl Gilchrist and Christopher Serju contributed to this story.