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Decomposed body of teen found in Hanover

Published:Saturday | April 1, 2023 | 1:26 AMJanet Silvera/Senior Gleaner Writer
Tecia Hall
Tecia Hall


EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OLD Tecia Hall went missing four times. However, on Sunday morning when her brother discovered she was not home, he never anticipated that her decomposed body would be her identifying mark.

Eight days after the mother of a baby girl went missing, she was found in a cane piece near her home in March Town, Kilmarnock, Hanover. And owing to the advanced state of decomposition, the police were unable to say how she died.

“Mi nuh come to it seh she dead,” said Hall’s mom Shafay Stewart, who is six months pregnant and had to be revived twice on the scene of the gruesome find.

According to her, she spoke with Hall last Saturday night about 9 o’clock before retiring to bed. On Sunday morning she received a call at approximately 7 from her son expressing concern that his sister did not return home.

Shocked by the sight of her niece, Hall’s aunt Arlene Stewart did not mince her words, sending a clear message to those she believed may have been responsible for the death.

Calling down the “wrath of God” and “vengeance”, Arlene said: “The person who has shed her blood, might that person’s blood be shed because that is the word of almighty God.

“You shed blood and God says your blood will be shed also,” she cried, stating that many nights she has watched television and seen other families reeling from the pain of losing their loved ones to crime in Jamaica, but never thought it would reach her doorstep.

Hall’s mom said that she made a report to the police on Sunday.

However, police records show that a report was made on Wednesday. The police reportedly conducted an investigation and a search party was launched.

On Friday afternoon about 2 o’clock, the body was discovered behind a home in the community.

“Although we carried out an extensive search of the area on Wednesday and Thursday, because of the large vegetation we did not find her,” Inspector Marvin Hodges, sub-officer in charge of the Green Island Police Station, stated.

The police inspector said their investigations were assisted by residents and had it not been for them they probably would not have located the body so quickly.

“Investigation is at a delicate stage, we expect a breakthrough later on,” said Hodges.

This is the third murder in Hanover in three days and despite the challenges the sub-officer said he and his team remain committed.

“The fear of crime is affecting everyone, but we’re doing our best in keeping things under control. Nevertheless, we expect citizens to play their part in supplying the police with the necessary information about criminal and criminal activities in the area, so we can respond as best as possible,” he urged.

With the escalation of murders in the parish, Hanover businessman Brian Chambers, while on the scene, expressed concerns that things were getting out of hand. However, he was quick to posit that the police could not do it alone.

“It is not something that one set of persons can do anything about,” he said.