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Haughton signs Code of Conduct as newest member of Shadow Cabinet

Published:Saturday | June 10, 2023 | 12:49 AM
Andre Haughton
Andre Haughton

As Prime Minister Andrew Holness remains mum on the Integrity Commission’s Leadership Code of Conduct, newly minted Opposition spokesman Dr Andre Haughton has inked the document.

At the same time, Opposition Senator Gabriella Morris has also subscribed to the code which is also referred to as the Seven Principles of Public Life.

Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate Peter Bunting told The Gleaner that he has now signed the code and sent a copy to the commission’s executive director, Greg Christie.

Haughton, who is the new Opposition spokesman on commerce, technology and innovation, said as soon as he was appointed to the Shadow Cabinet on Thursday he signed the Leadership Code of Conduct.

His appointment followed the resignation in April of Member of Parliament for St Catherine North Western Hugh Graham from the Shadow Cabinet.

“I think that, as leaders we have to lead from the front and demonstrate that we are unequivocally dedicated to good, prudent leadership in this country,” he told The Gleaner.

Also speaking with The Gleaner, Morris said she received the document outlining some good governance principles from Opposition Leader Mark Golding and has now subscribed to it.

She argued that the Integrity Commission has an important role to play, noting that lawmakers should support the mandate of the anti-corruption body which has an important role to play in the country.

“As parliamentarians, we should be seeking to strengthen the mechanisms of the Integrity Commission rather than making them out to be a scapegoat,” she said.

The Integrity Commission’s Leadership Code of Conduct is recognised throughout the Commonwealth as the Seven Principles of Public Life.

It guides ministers of government and parliamentarians in the United Kingdom, and in other countries which have adopted it, as to the standards by which political leaders should be measured and held accountable.

Among other things, the Seven Principles of Public Life speak to the ideals of leadership, honesty, openness, accountability and integrity.

In a recent statement to the media, the commission said that the Seven Principles of Public Life are non-negotiable and are considered the desired standard for good governance, leadership, integrity, and conduct in public affairs, and in the discharge of public functions.

The anti-corruption body reminded the country earlier this week that it is still awaiting a response from Prime Minister Andrew Holness to its letter of November 15, 2022, inviting him to sign the code.

“Despite the passage of over six months, and despite the fact that the training upon which the code was predicated was initiated by the MHPM [PM Holness] himself, the MHPM is, however, yet to respond to the commission’s letter to him of November 15, 2022. Further, neither he nor any member of the Cabinet of the Government of Jamaica has, to date, signed the Code,” the commission stated.