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Don't post gross photos online

Published:Tuesday | October 21, 2014 | 12:19 PM

Don't post gross photos online


The article titled 'Beware the wrong and strong' (Gleaner, October 21, 2014) was quite entertaining and I share the same views of the columnist, Patria-Kaye Aarons.

When people spread false news and post videos of children having sex, and pictures of gruesome murders and accidents, I believe those people have no heart or conscience.

Patria-Kaye mentioned a very important point that I think people should take it very seriously. She said, "What if the headless woman were your mother? What if the children having sex were yours? Would you spread videos around and say, 'People, look pon dis. Oonu pray fi mi.'"

People must think seriously about the damage they cause when they do these kinds of things. There is a reason why we have newspapers, journalists, radio stations and various news outlets to give us accurate information, so we need not to take it up on ourselves to act on their behalf. Let the journalists do their jobs.

I call on my fellow Jamaicans to desist from posting gruesome pictures and videos on social media and spreading inaccurate information. At times, the damage done to people can take years to repair.


Clark's Town, Trelawny