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Adequate PAHO chik-V warning

Published:Tuesday | October 21, 2014 | 3:45 PM

Adequate PAHO chik-V warning


I have noticed that many opinions exist about chik-V in the media. As my favorite source for information, I think The Gleaner should lead the education process and avoid the politics.

I really think your paper should shed more light on the fact that CDC/PAHO convened a meeting in Peru in 2010. Out of this meeting, all countries in the Americas were informed in a document published in 2011 regarding preparedness for the virus. There was even a PAHO meeting at The Jamaica Pegasus attended by representatives from 22 territories in 2012. The first reported case of CHIKV was in St Maartin in December 2013.

I think we should not be in this panic mode when there was adequate warning covering two ministers of health in both governments, and we are reacting very late. Luckily, it is a disease with low fatality.