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Trinidad's Abu Bakr not worth it

Published:Tuesday | October 21, 2014 | 11:58 AM

Abu Bakr not worth it


We must begin to demand answers from our political leaders. The ministers and state functionaries who act for this country are, after all, no more than our employees who are paid with our hard-earned tax dollars. Should they fail to do credible work, such employees must be fired.

The Abu Bakr incident is merely the latest of several inexplicable and costly actions by these people who make our country a laughing stock in the world.

If Abu Bakr represented another kind of threat to Jamaica, Jamaicans need to know what, how so, and why. If Mr Bakr was misbehaving, as reported, he should have been confined, handcuffed and locked down until his Caribbean Airlines flight was ready.

Instead, some stupid high-level official authorised a private plane costing $4 million to take him home? Which of the many Jamaicans barred from Trinidad would be given such exquisite treatment? I want to know which official sanctioned? And he/she needs to be sacked immediately and made to repay $4 million of taxpayers' money.

We are sick of the bumbling excuses who masquerade in suits at Gordon House, supposedly working on the people's behalf. But are they, really? It's scandal after scandal and no one pays the price. Where is accountability? Where is transparency? Is this a democracy or a cheap fish shop? The media must not drop this one. We demand answers.