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Focus on courts, not Bunting, police

Published:Sunday | May 24, 2015 | 10:47 AM


So you have asked the captains of industry and commerce what to do about the crime monster. Predictably, as Jamaicans have insanely done for the past 40 years with the same dismal results, the focus of their solutions has been on the police and the minister of national security. Not a word about the archaic criminal justice system designed centuries ago in Britain when cops happily patrolled with just a baton in hand.

We still don't get it.

The police constitute just half the crime prevention/solution system. One hand can't clap. So the cops gather the evidence as best they can, arrest the bad guys and then what? Until we have the wisdom to make the criminal justice system more efficient and less criminal-friendly, there is not a hope in hell that crime will be brought under control.

Minister of Justice Mark Golding is making an effort but, thus far, it looks more like a bit of tinkering around the edges.

Is it that the society, despite a preponderance of evidence to the contrary, still believes changing commissioners of police and national security ministers over and over - without radically reforming the criminal justice system - is going to do the trick ?

Errol W.A. Townshend


Scarborough, Ontario