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Lord, take me before the gay cascade

Published:Monday | May 25, 2015 | 8:01 AM


Kay Bailey, hail! Her article ('US exporting sexual anarchy', Sunday Gleaner, May 24, 2015) is like an air gap for a drowning man. Many innuendos sent out by our society have been misinterpreted as homophobia, while the real message is an exhibition of the disgust of homosexual practices.

Of course, 'anarchy' through the silencing of the voice of the people by attacking Jamaican artistes, media personnel, and even politicians, with the retraction of visa privileges was a blow well dealt.

Ms Bailey's article gave me a glimpse of hope that the media are not yet 100 per cent captured. With continuous bombardment of innuendos in comedy, cartoon, and more strict facts presented by 'research', as you've mentioned, our boat is sailing downhill.

Please, God, let the descent be slow. I don't have long here and I don't want to see the cascade. Oh, my God! Have mercy on us!