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Letter of the day: Cut funding to 'murder music'

Published:Tuesday | May 26, 2015 | 12:00 AM


One of the more effective ways to strangle this so-called art form of 'murder music' is to hit these deejays where it hurts most - in their pockets.

These deejays don't make most of their money from the direct sale of their music. Their songs are copied and then pirated to the public. They hardly get anything from music sales. What they make most of their money from are stage shows and the like. If we can cut the funding off from these 'mass incitement rituals', we can really begin to make a dent on this culture of crime and crime itself.

Business can demonstrate their real commitment to fighting crime by stop sponsoring these so-called stage shows. Radio and television stations can stop being hypocritical about their anti-crime stance by blocking the promotion of these gangster deejays. Even the security minister himself can help. He can get his own political colleagues to stop promoting the so-called music of these 'legalised criminals' that we have for deejays at their political rallies.

You see, when these corporate entities sponsor these deejays, what they are really doing is funding crime. After these deejays collect their payments, they use their earnings to pay gang members to terrorise the rest of us. These gangs use these sponsorship funds to buy guns, ganja and other hard drugs, and recruit new members.

The crime that is being financed by these sponsorship arrangements are funding the killing of people, including children, the robbing of business establishments and the scaring away of potential investors. Indeed, our corporate entities are financing their own destruction - and that of our own.

We can seriously tackle these criminal gangs and their deejay financiers, not by having more pointless marches and speeches, but by direct action. We can cut their funding.