Tue | Jun 15, 2021

Concern over growing Chinese influence

Published:Tuesday | July 7, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Professor Carolyn Cooper brought out the most important story for a long while ('Selling Jamaica to Mr Chin', Sunday Gleaner, July 5, 2015). Whether we turn a blind eye or we're playing hypocrites, it is staring us in the face - the increased property and community purchases by Chinese immigrants.

The Chinese are holding on to prime Jamaican properties and buildings across the island.

But Professor Cooper is a little late with her story, as Hope Pastures is not the only place where there has been a rush for property.

There is near total ownership of former black people's businesses in Spaldings, Clarendon; Christiana, Manchester; and Alexandria and Brown's Town, St Ann. Alexandria, in particular, no longer has any black businesses, which is sad for a progressive town built on black Jamaicans' and black German Jamaicans' sweat and tears.

While no one can deny people's acquisition of property, as it is their human and democratic right to do so, what is alarming is that these Chinese are behaving as if they own the country. Their periodical demand upon the police to deter any black face that passes by their residence is rude and unpatriotic. I would even say it is racist.

While we invite and welcome foreigners, they should realise that they cannot trample on locals' rights. Their failure to respect Jamaicans' rights and privileges will only lead to poor relations and intolerance.