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Police chief detached from reality?

Published:Tuesday | July 7, 2015 | 3:38 PM


Despite the perennial failure of the Jamaica Constabulary Force to implement measures to solve chronic crime, especially murder, a few persons entertained some hopes that something new and workable would come from the police commissioner's press briefing on Monday.

These persons would have harboured the glimmer of hope only because a drowning man will never refuse to grab at a straw. But sadly, what the commissioner gave them was less than straw. How else could one describe the commissioner's brazen and egregious evaluation of his stewardship at the helm of the police force?

Who told Commissioner Williams that he was employed as the head of the police just to create a legacy that would not be realised until his passing? Is it beyond the capacity of the commissioner to understand that a nation that has been suffering for so long from frightening murder rates has no interest in his pipe dreams?

After telling a gathering some weeks ago that there was no need for the country to panic about the rising murder figures, one could not be faulted for finding Commissioner Williams' assessment of his performance very perplexing, and that the gentleman seems somewhat detached from reality.

Where else in the world, besides the JCF, could the leadership of an organisation retain their positions despite performing so dismally?