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Are Africans inferior?

Published:Tuesday | July 7, 2015 | 11:41 PM


Africa is at present at the very bottom of the continental totem pole, there is no doubt about that. The reasons are not hard to find. However, scientists such as anthropologists examining the fossil record, and geneticists are pretty sure that Africa was the birthplace of the species Homo sapiens, who after being emancipated or rather kicked out from agricultural work in Eden by the Elohim, specifically Yahweh , if we go by the Genesis record, trekked northward, and changed physical characteristics due to adaptation to environmental challenges. This fall from grace, as it were, has been discovered as follows. As a workforce in Eden, Homo sapiens was infertile, being a mixture between two species. See Genesis 1:26.

The 'snake' symbol for the Elohim geneticist who actually carried out the order to do the biogenetical work of creation decided later to upgrade his handiwork, and so put a male Adam in a deep sleep (anaesthetised him), did the same to a female (though not mentioned) and harmonised their chromosomes. This made Eve capable of 'bearing fruit' of the womb, that is, having children. The population of mankind would no longer be controlled by the Elohim, as formerly by cloning. Yahweh, therefore, sent them outside the perimeter of Eden to make their own way in the world. If they could, more glory to them; if they could not, they would go extinct. They did make it out of the bush. That is Africa's contribution to the world.

adaptations by natural selection

As they trekked north they developed adaptations by natural selection. For example, six genes control skin colour and everyone has the same six. In climes where the organism need more sunlight to maintain bone integrity, melanin expression is suppressed by certain hormonal flows leading to paler skin, and so on. There are no races of mankind. There are adaptations but no discrete races as such, otherwise cross-breeding would produce infertile mules. No one today believes 'brownings' are mules, huh?

Africa had the greatest system of education in the ancient world but it never taught this to the masses. The tribal system is very hierarchical and education is not an option for many kids still just running around in the bush, etc. Africans in Jamaica have the same anti-democratic attitude as the 'big up', 'big man' syndrome attests. Even in more modern times (16th century) African chiefs were almost more enthusiastic about selling black slaves than the Dutch/English merchant were to buy them. At least Royal Navy ships intercepted slave ships after emancipation. The chiefs were livid with rage. And we expect reparations?

Patrick Blake