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Divest NWC

Published:Thursday | July 9, 2015 | 12:00 AMTHE EDITOR, Sir:


In light of our perennial drought problem and the seeming lack of will, ability or competence of our Government and the relevant agency, the National Water Commission (NWC), to take the necessary ameliorative steps, it is time we consider divesting the NWC.

The preferred divestment approach should be for the NWC's operations, potable and wastewater/sewage, to be broken up into three county operations or at least two entities, to properly serve the island.

Each investor should be required to augment our water supply, while maintaining the high quality, by developing at least one new catchment and storage facility in its region of operations.

We have several water bodies across the island, some of which could be easily developed and treated to supply our needs.

Additionally, we need to consider mandating rainwater harvesting, requiring domestic water tanks with all new constructions to at least provide a backup system.

As a proponent of small government, we should consider divesting all public utilities and strengthening the Office of Utilities Regulation to better monitor the operational standards of all such divested utilities.

As we have done with electricity and telecommunications, so should we with water and sewerage, transportation, and oil/gas. Garbage collection should be similarly divested, with the new operators possibly considering waste-to-energy operations.