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Harry Jarrett shone God's light into Kitson Town lives

Published:Friday | July 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM

News of the passing of the Reverend Dr Harry Jarrett is heart-wrenching, and causes one to look deeper into the frailties of man, given the yeoman service that he gave to the Kitson Town community of St Catherine, for some two decades.

I met the late Baptist minister in the early 1990s, a time when much of the deviant cultures now rooted in some of the nearby Spanish Town communities had started to spill over into traditional crime-free sections of the parish.

This humble and decent man of God would walk regularly half a mile from his church to the postal agency in the community and spend long hours conversing with youth in the community - not so much evangelising the Gospel, as important as that is.

Dr Jarrett, through his unique way of reaching people, was able to inspire us, the fatherless in the community, to attain our best in education and skills training, and to stay far from the fast lane where people enrich themselves overnight.

During our many conversations at his office, on the streets, or at the house of my grandmother, who was a member of his church, he always had things to tell me that he liked about me.

This was a man that I saw as larger than life and would want to learn about him. It was inspirational to have someone like Dr Jarrett seeing good in me, and it did help in overcoming many challenging situations.

Pastor Jarrett, though he spent only a short time in Kitson Town, positively shaped the community, and many lives have been changed for the good. We thank the Baptist Church for assigning him to the area, and we are forever indebted to his family, especially Dr Clover Jarrett, his widow, who was by his side while he shared with us.

A man who teaches the word of God,

the word of truth that gives the people power ...

the power of love ... the love of God!

A man who not only hugs the sheep, but

touches the heart of his flock.

The sheep know his voice and are blessed by his presence.

A man who teaches the medicinal benefits of laughter, and the financial benefits of giving.

A man whose singing brings light into dark places,

and pierces the heart into conviction.

A man whose smile actually means "I love you,"

A man whose eyes say, "I'm praying for you".

A man whose lessons from the pulpit make you jump up and say I can take on the world, bring it on!

A man who everyone has heard of, most people know, who many people want, but we had him! Because he chose to stay our shepherd ... .

A man we appreciate and love, and who I am proud to call my pastor!



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St Catherine