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Mounting garbage turning MoBay into a dump

Published:Friday | July 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM
This 2005 photograph shows that poor sanitation practices have endured for at least a decade.

I am compelled to report the poor and irregular garbage collection taking place at the municipal Charles Gordon Market on Belvin Avenue in Montego Bay. I oftentimes carry out my market shopping there each weekend and am appalled at the poor garbage collection afflicting vendors.

Garbage is piled up around the market - a breach of the health laws - and nothing is being done about it. I telephoned the parish council and the National Solid Waste Management Authority in Montego Bay some five times over the past three months and nothing has been done to solve the problem.

The inside of the market is not being properly cleaned and some areas are often stink. Why are the garbage skips on the outside of the market not being cleared daily and are allowed to be filled to capacity and overflowing.

Why are the drains within the market compound not being cleaned? They smell so bad whenever I pass them.

As it relates to garbage collection in and around Montego Bay, there is a significant problem whereby collection seems to be poor, because on certain city streets, garbage can be seen thrown all over the location where those skips are placed.

This is nastiness that cannot be tolerated much longer. I appeal to the mayor of Montego Bay, Glendon Harris, to take action and put in place a proper and reliable garbage-collection system at the market, as well as for the streets of Montego Bay.

The NSWMA should be reprimanded for its poor job of garbage collection in Montego Bay. We do not want Montego Bay to become the poster child of nastiness and filth. This reflects poorly on the St James Parish Council. We need action now.



Montego Bay, St James