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Unfinished water channel wreaking havoc in St Thomas

Published:Friday | July 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Another view of the unfinished water channel in Dalvey, St Thomas.
Water and waste has eroded the soil, causing water to settle and sparking health concerns for residents.

This is an open letter to Michael McLeod, councillor of the Dalvey Division in St Thomas.

There is a concrete water channel that starts from Top House, Housing Scheme, Dalvey. It crosses Cottage Lane, Springside Road, then through several privately owned properties, and when completed will end up in the sea via the canal at Springside.

This channel is intended to prevent the water, when it rains, from damaging properties and the road.

The last section was completed more than two years ago. It stops in the middle of our land, at the front. This situation is posing health and other problems. After the last section was completed, the rainwater that flows through the concrete section of the channel on to the unfinished section created a hole. Whenever it rains, water and waste such as diapers and plastic bottles are accumulated there.

This stagnant water is a breeding area for mosquitoes. There is a house a few yards away from this stagnant water where people are living. Also, water coming off the concrete section of the channel is eroding the soil around an East Indian mango tree nearby which we rely on to pay the property tax annually.

We understand that this project is funded by the Jamaica Emergency Employment Programme and is being supervised by the National Works Agency.

The fact that we are now in the hurricane season points to the urgent need to eliminate this existing health hazard, and to prevent further damage to our property.



Dalvey District

Golden Grove PO

St Thomas