Tue | Aug 3, 2021

Bring back paper bags

Published:Friday | July 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Fifteen years ago, the paper bag was the container used in our supermarkets. To my memory, our gullies were not inundated by paper bag garbage.

As soon as the paper bag was wet, its useful life 'died'.

We would now have to make them stronger to carry a weight of 25lb, and with handles. The material that is now used by MegaMart is strong and attractive.

Let us multiply its manufacturing and make it even stronger.

The crocus bag is very sturdy and helpful when one goes to the market. Again, we need a strong bag that will hold the weight of 30lb.

We are suffering in our indiscriminate dumping of our present plastic/'scandal' bags in our gutters and gullies.

HELP! Restart the making of strong paper bags and thereby eliminate the flooding of our gullies and destruction of our beaches and sea life.


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Montego Bay