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Shameful PM should call elections now

Published:Friday | July 10, 2015 | 8:02 PM


I wish to respond to a letter to the editor that was written by Robert Dalley in a national newspaper titled 'Local gov't elections should not be a political football'. Mr Dalley made the point that the present government of the People's National Party should not use the local government election as a political football.

As a citizen who takes the country's general and local government elections seriously, I think that it is shameful that the minister of local government, Noel Arscott, has tabled those bills in Parliament postponing the election.

As Mr Dalley rightfully stated, the reasons of local government reform, as stated by the Government for putting off those local election, cannot stand up to reason. The Government is being dishonest with us, citizens. Shame on this prime minister and her Government.

I am demanding that the prime minister stop taking us citizens for fools. Organise the funding and announce the local government election for September 2015. In a democracy such as Jamaica's, whenever elections are due, they should be held.

I am urging the prime minister to respect the political process and the people. The local government minister has been a failure in every sense of the word and should be sent packing from his job. Just take a look at that devastating Riverton City dump fire which cost the country dearly.

The country does not have a proper policy on waste-management disposal and the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) has been underfunded. We need an equipped NSWMA that will be able to carry out its functions in a timely and professional manner.


White Sands Beach PO

Montego Bay