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PNP 'John crow' politics shameful

Published:Monday | July 13, 2015 | 3:20 PM


Young Jamaica is rejecting as "guttural, unbecoming and crude" comments made by the minister of national security, Peter Bunting, in which he likened the leadership of the JLP to "john crows".

The country can, and should, engage in a meaningful conversation about the worrying trends in criminality without the minister of national security seeking to debase and disrespect members of the Opposition. That is not the kind of political discourse we should be embracing as a country.

Supporters of the ruling party who seemingly endorsed the comments should be ashamed of themselves. The response of the minister is particularly unacceptable as it appears to take lightly the very real and present threat to public order and safety.

With murders on the rise, particularly those of children, the minister would have been better served had he used the platform to reassure the people of Jamaica that the Government has a clear and decisive plan to arrest the worrying crime trends.

Young Jamaica finds the comments made by Minister Bunting most shocking and outrageous. We would have hoped that he would have used the opportunity discuss the worrying crime trend. To date, there are more than 600 murders and the minister has not made any credible strategic intervention.

Only recently, all of four people were cut down in Westmoreland and he found time to assault the JLP. Facts and statistics are not on the side of Minister Bunting.

It seems this is now a trait of the PNP government, instead of offering meaningful responses to the issues affecting the country, they seek to launch personal and crude attacks against members of the Opposition. The Jamaican people won't be fooled by all this hot air. We are demanding substance, not hype.


President, Young Jamaica