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KPH starved of resources

Published:Tuesday | July 14, 2015 | 3:15 PM


Recently, I went to the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) with my uncle, who needed urgent treatment for a medical condition. While there, I waited nine hours before being attended to by a very stressed-out medical doctor who seemed to have done more than 14 hours of work without a break.

The nurse, who also attended to us, seemed equally overworked, and went on to ask me to get "medical things" for my uncle, as the hospital is very short on a number of important supplies.

After losing my composure after so many hours of waiting, the overworked staff and the lack of basic medical supplies, I angrily moved my uncle to a private hospital at great expense to my family and me. Nevertheless, it was worth it, as the doctors there told me that had he not come to that hospital and got the necessary treatment for his condition, I would have been planning his funeral now.

After personally going back to the KPH to get some information on my father's condition, I was amazed to see Health Minister Dr Fenton Ferguson and a number of government officials enjoying hors d'oeuvres and cool drinks at a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commission elevators back into service after being out of service since last year.

I believe it a disgrace that the minister of health thinks it prudent to waste scarce tax dollars on a lavish ribbon-cutting ceremony for getting elevators back into service! This while the hospital is short on sheets, syringes, surgical masks, antibiotics and other basic medical supplies and poor Jamaicans outside waiting hours for medical attention.

I am sure while driving in his air-conditioned SUV, he would have seen scores of his fellow Jamaicans sweating away outside trying to figure out how to get some help. The minister has lost his marbles.


Mona Heights, Kingston 6