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Citizen Security and Justice Programme making a difference

Published:Wednesday | July 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM


While there are several negative issues blasted in the media in Jamaica, I have come to know that all is not lost. Jamaica still has the blessings of a loving God - One who is working through the Ministry of National Security.

The Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) is a functioning violence-prevention initiative of the Ministry of National Security which seeks to build community safety and security through crime reduction programmes and social intervention. There are other social intervention programmes in Jamaica, but I am yet to come across a more dedicated group. The CSJP stands for and serves in the exact way they say they do. They practise what they preach. The CSJP serves 50 communities in Jamaica. These communities are selected based on their vulnerability and volatility and the CSJP seeks to make these communities better through their incredible ideas.

In my opinion, the teams at CSJP are non-traditional doctors. Medical doctors treat the sick with prescribed medications, the CSJP treats sick communities with carefully planned programmes, working to heal the once crime-soiled areas.

If we want to make a better Jamaica, where should we start? The withered plants of our beautiful garden home of Jamaica can be watered and treated soil can be used to build and regain strength in the tired dry soil. The point I'm trying to make is that, if more organisations work to rebuild communities, the work of the CSJP will be easier and the island will again be a desirable home.

I appreciate the work of the CSJP and how much they have impacted my life. The work will not be done in one go, the three phases of the CSJP are in my view to lead them closer to their goal of having less crime and violence in our communities. If we all helped to make our communities safer with more productivity from their members, then we would have less negative news on a daily basis.

Brithney Black

Student, UWI