Mon | Jan 24, 2022

No one has a right to change my vote

Published:Wednesday | July 15, 2015 | 10:36 AM


From time to time, our politicians autocratically change their thinking/belief and 'cross the floor' in our House of Parliament without seeking permission from their constituents, who originally voted them into Parliament.

That movement is wrong, morally, politically, and fraudulent. IT MUST STOP. Whenever a party nominates an individual to represent it in a particular division, that incumbent has a responsibility to listen to the people, obey the rules, and be guided by their own integrity in behaviour, speech, and beliefs.

I do not have the right as a voter to change that personality during the life of the political term of office until the next local or general election. In like manner, that politician should not have the 'right' to 'cross the floor' in Parliament, thereby, carrying my original vote for that party.

It is wrong to change my vote without my permission. If during the life of the term of office that politician has changed his belief politically, that individual should resign and seek a new mandate from the voters. The same goes true if the politician seeks to be referred to as an 'independent member'.

The disrespect that is shoved in the voters' face is unacceptable every time. Surely, there must be some politicians who have some integrity and will speak out against that practice of 'crossing the floor', in our Parliament.

It was wrong yesterday, today, and if it happens again, it will still be wrong.

No one has a right to change my vote.


Montego Bay