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The pain of losing loved ones

Published:Wednesday | July 15, 2015 | 10:12 AM


It is being said that dead persons tell no tales; if they could, we would certainly feel a little better.

One of the great, emotional pains that we all have to bear is losing our loved ones to the greatest mystery - death - especially when they are brutally murdered. And there are many people in this country and abroad who are mourning the passing of their relatives and loved ones who have been mercilessly slaughtered by wicked, cold-hearted murderers here in Jamaica.

Can you imagine the great, unbearable pain - waking up and not seeing your loved ones who used to be part of the family around you every day - gone - not to be seen again? Think about the double murders: mother and daughter butchered - more than once; two brothers slain; two sisters were killed, while having their meal at their home, and the list continues.

However, we are pleased to know that (even though the deceased cannot be brought back to life), after losing your relatives to the monsters of crime, there are those who rally around grieving families, comforting and standing by their sides. This is a great relief and support to them in bearing their pain.

Those who possess a wicked mindset; those hard-hearted bastards who are taking it for granted - going around, shooting down people like birds, will surely have to give an account; there is something in store for them; it's going to be very bitter for them.

Donald J. Mckoy.