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Cars available for $500

Published:Friday | July 17, 2015 | 12:00 AM

I am amused each time I enter a parking lot and am given a parking ticket for the 'safe keeping' of my car.

What is the purpose of this ticket? It is supposedly to prevent a thief from exiting the lot if they cannot produce the ticket to the guard at the exit gate.

OK. Fine. But what if I, the car owner, have misplaced the ticket? Will I be held hostage in the lot, unable to exit with MY car? Of course not! I will simply have to pay for the lost ticket, usually about $500, and then my car and I will be allowed to exit.

This translates to an alarming fact: All a thief has to do is walk with $500 and he can drive away with a car. Lol. Hilarious! And parking lot owners can simply direct the car owner to the fine print that says they are not liable for the loss of the vehicle or any of its contents.

It is important that lot owners take note of this letter. They MUST do more to secure people's property. They should, upon not being presented with a ticket from someone attempting to exit a lot, conduct a forensic audit to determine if the driver is the owner. This should include matching a picture ID with the car papers, etc.

Only then should the vehicle and driver be released. This would be a more credible security procedure for parking lots.