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Letter of the Day: Who protects straights from school gay bullies?

Published:Monday | July 20, 2015 | 12:00 AM


It is interesting to note that the minister of education, because of representation from the LGBT community, is about to launch the security and safety guideline manual, which specifically addresses bullying of gay youths in schools.

The minister of education is a very wise man, but he has fallen for a very old trick by the gay lobby. Bullying has always existed in schools, and, based on my knowledge, school leadership has always adopted a zero-tolerance approach to this feature of school life. Fat, skinny, cross-eyed, knock-kneed children, to list a few examples, have been subjected to bullying or teasing in school. Will the leaders at the Ministry of Education have lines in the manual stating: Do not tease or bully the skinny child?

The country needs to know why, at this time, a security and safety manual is being developed primarily as a result of representation from LGBT groups. Does the Government feel that gay youths are a special group, hence the need for enhanced protection? If gay youths are to be protected from bullying at school, what about heterosexual youths?

When one analyses the situation, it is evident that this is just another sly attempt to influence school curricula, and the Ministry of Education has fallen for it. The very strong pushback that was shown when the sex-education manuals were introduced into children's homes has led these groups to behave in a more subtle fashion, but with the same objective in mind.

The Ministry of Education is opening the door to a number of challenges which it will not be able to control. What will the ministry do when these lobby groups begin to ask for protection of transgender youths? Is the ministry prepared to build non-gender-defined (girls and boys sharing same restrooms) bathrooms? Will the ministry be comfortable producing forms listing gender as male, female and undefined/unknown?


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The ministry needs to share with the public the information it has gathered from schools which necessitates a manual of this type. Does the ministry have information from principals, teachers and students, showing that gay youths are being bullied in schools? Certainly, it would be unacceptable for the ministry to be developing policies and manuals based on the dictates of particular groups. It seems to me that the issue that the ministry is attempting to address could be done in a memorandum to school leadership, noting that bullying is not tolerated in schools and such behaviour should be addressed in the strongest possible manner.

To be defining specific forms of bullying is counterproductive and may lead to more problems than solutions. In the interim, we call on the Ministry of Education to speedily provide research data to the public in order to substantiate the development of this manual.