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My heart shatters when I see payslip

Published:Tuesday | July 21, 2015 | 12:00 AM


With the increased desire for revenue by those in authority, many strategies have been implemented to take, by force, what should remain in the pockets of the people.

Each month, the salaries of the employed are heavily taxed. When groceries are bought, we are taxed again. When a caring relative decides to send a small package from abroad, this is also taxed. Our light is taxed, our gas is taxed, Internet and telephone services taxed, taxed, taxed.

My heart shatters every time I receive my payslip. With everything that is being collected, why is it that the country is still in such a state of disrepair?

The general population rejoiced when the International Monetary Fund (IMF) decided to provide a loan to the country. We, however, did not realise the grave repercussions. We, as a people, often neglect the fine print.

For those public-sector workers with salary freezes, only with divine intervention will those salaries increase in the upcoming months. For the private-sector workers, I fear that salaries will simply fail to exist, as jobs will be lost due to the constant increase in taxes, etc.

When students are being asked to pay an additional sum towards their practicum to government institutions, this increase in payment will affect the number of students who will be able to properly register for allied health programmes, as the cost of education is becoming too high for the regular Jamaican to afford. Why is the Government aggravating students further with this new requirement?

With all of these new fees, are our health-care graduates assured of job placements? I shall respond with a resounding no! Not in Jamaica.

If the pursuit of education does not yield positive results as far as employment prospects are concerned, why should we pursue it? But then the converse question is, without education, what hope do we have? The prospects are indeed grave.



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