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Elephant in the classroom

Published:Wednesday | July 22, 2015 | 1:58 PM


Several responses have been voiced by members of the public and the political directorate in response to the proposed anti-gay bullying policy. But many fall miserably short of accomplishing their alleged goal of eliminating bullying in schools.

If schools and, more important, parents, saw and taught sex as a sacred act to be treasured only within marriage, we would begin to appreciate the precious human life that sex produces. We would value the life and dignity of all our students and fellow citizens irrespective of their gender, age, and perceived or actual sexual orientation.

Focusing on sex and sexual identity in children - outside of the safe, nurturing context of marriage between adult men and women - is partly the reason our students are suffering these atrocities in the first place.

imago dei

The ultimate source of a person's identity, and by extension a person's worth, is not found in their sexual orientation, but in the Imago Dei, the sacred privilege of being made in the image of God. True equality stems from understanding that all human beings share this image. True diversity is appreciating the various physical manifestations that the Imago Dei may take in each student.

If lesbian or gay students are bullied at school, we should condemn the bullying simply because they are human beings, made in the Imago Dei, and not highlight and indirectly endorse their homosexuality. Children shouldn't be identified with sexual demographics, since they shouldn't be having sex anyway, and the core reason for not bullying people is that they're made in the image of God, whose holy standards we're spitting on by endorsing LGBT lifestyles.

Anything outside of this approach is a counterfeit, hyper-sexualised approach that relegates the essence of who our students are to a sexual attraction that may or may not change as they progress through puberty or receive proper counselling. Any policy that does not adopt this philosophical approach is simply skirting the elephant in the classroom.

Onyka Thompson