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Surprised by Digicel

Published:Wednesday | July 22, 2015 | 2:21 PM

The Editor, Sir:

Digicel has an advertisement which states: "Digicel is full of surprises", and last Saturday, I proved this to be factual as they gave me a grand surprise when credit miraculously disappeared from my phone.

Following my daughter's phone upgrade, I started using her old phone. That same night, I added credit and sent two text messages (no calls were made). The following day, I checked the balance before making a call, only to be 'surprised' by Digicel's automated message -

'Your current balance is $12'.

Confused, I called customer care, only to be told that I was charged for data services. I'm not a tech-savvy individual so I would be the last person to activate a data plan. At no point did the phone indicate that it was connected to a 2G, 4G or EDGE network.

There's no way credit can last longer if Digicel continues to give their customers such unpleasant surprises. Having heard such folly, I have decided to end my relationship with Digicel and introduce LIME in my life. Luckily, with number portability I get to keep my number so I have defeated Digicel.

Pauline Peart

Mandeville, Manchester