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People's Report: Bad connection with telephone company

Published:Thursday | July 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Re account#995198650000:

This is an open letter to Flow.

I received from you a notice in the mail concerning my July bill, with a warning that failure to pay the amount due by the final date of payment may render me liable for disconnection.

I was shocked to receive this notification, and am forced to enquire, what bill do I owe your company? What service are you threatening to disconnect? While I do have a contract with you for the provision of telephone services, you have failed to provide this service to me since about January 24.

I have enquired at your local office here in Mandeville, as well as contacted your customer-service line, at least twice, on the issue. You have been unable to inform us as to when this service would have been renewed. You have never contacted us with information as to why we have had no service, nor have you even bothered to keep in touch with us about your failure to perform your end of the contract.

As a result, I have refused to pay for services I have not been receiving. However, I did go ahead and pay for a number of months, just in case service returned and you would have an excuse to not restore my service.

We are well aware of the problems you have been having in our area with theft of your cable. We know your company is aware that our area has been without service all these months, because there have been articles in the papers about the recurring problem.

Even your bills, since January, reflect the fact that you know that we have had no service, since we are only being billed for "rentals and service charges". Have your employees failed to notice the lack of calls recorded either to or from our lines? Whenever my wife or I pick up the receiver, we find a note, "no line".


Disconnection threats

Why should we be paying for a service we are not receiving? We are, therefore, amazed, in light of these facts, that you have the effrontery to threaten your long-suffering customers with disconnection, when you are the one who has failed to perform the terms of our contract.

You should notice that, despite the lack of services since January, we have paid for a number of months. I will pay no more until you restore our service, and give a full refund for what was paid over the months since that service ended.

Should you choose to disconnect our lack of service, it would be no loss to us. Certainly, I will not be paying until I begin receiving service again, even if you should send a collection agency to do so, as you have threatened.

Your faithful and long-suffering customer.