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Drag Becca into 21st-century cricket

Published:Friday | July 24, 2015 | 4:58 PM


This is in reference to Tony Becca's article that appeared in The Sunday Gleaner, July 19, 2015 titled 'CPL T20 versus Test cricket'.

No one goes to the CPL because of music, dancing girls, fire-eaters and flashing lights. Besides, you see that mostly on the TV at home and not at the cricket ground, as you may be seated far away from all of that.

Spectators are yelling, screaming, clapping and dancing in appreciation of the team they are supporting, only if their team is doing well. When the Tallawahs were losing at Sabina Park recently, the Jamaican spectators became quiet, as if they were at a funeral.

Amid the music, dancing girls, flashing lights and fire-eaters, the cricketers are on the field playing their hearts out to win. The talent of the players, or lack thereof, is exposed as the game goes on. The ability of the team captain and the players to handle pressure is severely tested, as they are playing for a win, not a draw. Playing for a draw is a most absurd way to end a cricket game, as is done in Test cricket, after five days on the field.

All of the things you claim that you, as a fan, go to see in Test cricket are there in the CPL and more. Cricket with urgency, and contrary to what you said, the bowlers are many times the big stars of the game, sometimes knocking over the star batters for low scores.

You wrote: "The franchise system is all about entertainment, making money and nothing else." I don't understand how "nothing else" comes in to the statement. Sport is about making money, and entertainment, and that's big business - "a well-run, well-oiled machinery".

CPL T20 is still 'young'. I expect changes for the better will be made as the years go by. Already, the organisers are talking about CPL 2016.

We grew up with Test cricket and we loved it. We had great moments filled with special memories, but it had its day. In the next decade or so, it may become history - a version of cricket our grandparents used to play. However, we have to learn to accept and embrace changes. Look around, Mr Becca. We are in a changing world.