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Unacceptable service from LIME

Published:Monday | July 27, 2015 | 2:20 PM


This is an open letter to Gary Sinclair, president of LIME.

I am very aware that the new arrangement with Flow will demand much of your time as you run the merged entities.

You may well understand then why I hasten to bring significant shortcomings to your attention right away. You see, you operate a telecommunications company that is expected to embrace all the latest technological advances. Indeed, we demand this of you and your IT department. We would expect that your company would so position itself that it would advance and satisfy our interactions.

I note that you have developed a 'My LIME' application that was supposed to allow more direct revenue/output flow, but the application is always slow in adding balances, so that

n Top-up amounts acknowledged by SMS are not reflected there - that is unacceptable.

n Data-service payment is not reflected there (even though (*129*6#) gives the correct figure). That is unacceptable.

n One in five of your scratch cards is rejected by your computers - 20 per cent is clearly unacceptable.

n Phones supplied by your company within a CUG programme, specifically the:

- Huawei Z300 is easily broken (not durable).

- Huawei P7 does not perform to specification.

That is unacceptable.

We congratulate you, however, on an improved customer service experience. Now if only the rest of your company would catch up.