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Give no asylum to refugee, Gordon-Webley

Published:Tuesday | July 28, 2015 | 4:05 PM


"Miss carry go bring come, my dear" was the opening line of a ska-era hit song by Justin Hinds and the Dominoes. For those of us old enough to know the words of the song, I am sure with a little thought you would smile in agreement that the song is easily applicable to Mrs Joan Gordon-Webley.

Joan is obviously a hard worker, but by her history, she is also a difficult and controversial personality. She proved herself on the battlefields of the 1970s in East Rural St Andrew as a trench fighter, and I can understand why trench fighters in the PNP would find it difficult to reconcile the past with Joan to now refer to her as Comrade.

She publicly defied - some would say embarrassed and betrayed - her then leader, Edward Seaga, over issues with the Caribbean Democratic Union. This led to a major falling out, and in the 1990s she was involved with the departure of Bruce Golding from the JLP and she followed him to the NDM.

She had a sojourn as political organiser in the Eastern Caribbean, where she reportedly earned the status persona non grata in Grenada. The story is the same for her efforts in Trinidad as well.

With the forcing out of Seaga and the return of Bruce came her re-entry on to the political scene, once more for the JLP. It was during this period that she had a Freudian slip, calling our esteemed Comrade leader, Portia Simpson Miller, Jezebel.

Give her credit for her work at NSWMA. Then there was her agitating role during the JLP leadership race and her public spat with 'Babsy' Grange.

I understand that political parties try to accommodate as many persons in their ranks as possible, as it shows a kind of victory over the opposing party when one of their former members defects.

However, not every refugee should be given asylum.

The song continues, "Bring misery, you going from home to home making disturbances, ... time will tell on you, you old Jezebel ... ."