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Ken Jones left legacy in ink

Published:Tuesday | July 28, 2015 | 3:39 PM


The late Ken Jones (1929-2015) was among the early group of 'Friends of Liberty Hall'. He was committed to ensuring that the project to restore Garvey's Liberty Hall, at 76 King Street, as a site of memory and cultural development, was carried out.

He was a good researcher and meticulous writer and he contributed an article titled 'Liberty Hall - Cradle of Liberty' to Jamaica Journal, July 2000. Ken was highly regarded for his book of quotations titled 'Marcus Garvey Said', and many persons have used this volume in their speeches, in academic courses and for their own personal development. I hope the family ensures that this volume is kept in print.

UNIA in New York

Ken also wrote another book titled Justice Delayed - Lewis Ashenheim's Defence of Marcus Garvey, with a foreword by Richard Ashenheim. Lewis Ashenheim acted as Garvey's solicitor in the Marke v Garvey and the UNIA case. Marke was a former leader of the UNIA in New York who was suing Garvey for salaries, but when it was discovered that the UNIA in New York was insolvent, the case was brought to Jamaica with an eye to securing the UNIA's properties in Jamaica as compensation.

When Marke brought the case from New York to Kingston, the chief justice, Fiennes Barrett Lennard, ruled in favour of Marke and ordered that Liberty Hall, Edelweiss Park, Garvey's home on Lady Musgrave Road, and other properties be seized. Lewis Ashenheim's appeals were successful and saved these properties.

Ken had a good grasp of modern Jamaican history. His writings on Sir Alexander Bustamante and Lady Bustamante and his numerous articles in the local press bear evidence to this. His articles on the role of the Jamaica Progressive League and its contribution to Jamaican nationalism in the 1930s have helped readers to better understand our political evolution.

Recent scholarship on the Jamaica Progressive League, W. Adolphe Roberts and W.A. Domingo confirm the importance of Ken's knowledge and insights into the evolution of Jamaican political history.

The Friends of Liberty Hall value highly the legacy of Ken's historical work.


Professor Emeritus

Chairman, Friends

of Liberty Hall