Tue | Aug 3, 2021

Nation building

Published:Wednesday | July 29, 2015 | 12:06 PM


The general question has been asked: " What is your contribution to nation building?" This is a very good and important question.

Despite the global down-turn, and the fact that, our economy is on its face, many people are out of jobs, and a number of business places have been closed down; despite the high crime-rate, the degradation and the turmoil, there are things that we can do-, and still continue to do in building our nation.

With the two great messages from our National Anthem and our National Pledge, we are already on our way to nation building. But, without cooperation, love, respect and unity, nation building will not make positive growth, because unity is strength. And there should be no discrimination, no colour prejudice, no bitterness and unforgiving spirits in our strive for this administration.

Nation building is a process: it takes time, patience, endurance, etc., to build a nation, especially one that is over-run by crime and violence. It must not be based on quick-fix or instant gratification, to satisfy our selfish ego; or to get rich overnight.

Donald J. McKoy