Thu | Sep 16, 2021

US hypocritical on human trafficking

Published:Thursday | July 30, 2015 | 12:00 AM


America must solve its own human-trafficking problems, too.

I noticed that the Jamaican Government is making a lot of fuss about how the country has been ranked by the United States with regard to human trafficking.

While there may be many elements of truth to what the United States has to say about us, I think something is missing here.

I went to have a look at this report that is causing so much unease and was somewhat surprised that the State Department forgot to put one country that is having a very significant human-trafficking problem on that list: the United States itself.

It is estimated that thousands of American children are trafficked across the United States every year, and it is thought that hundreds of children throughout America are sold for sex every night.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the human-trafficking problem in America has been worsening since the 1990s and is reaching epidemic proportions.

I know that we in Jamaica are in desperate need of the crumbs that fall off the American table, but while we can thank them for their 'constructive criticism' and 'suggestions', we should also not be afraid to tell them that that report is not as credible as they would want us to believe. We should ask the Americans why it is that their own country is not on that list.

The human-trafficking problem in America, which is now "reaching epidemic proportions", is directly affecting Jamaica as some of our victims end up there. As such, we should not be afraid to offer suggestions to America as to how it can deal with its problem.

I still don't know who made America the world's moral policeman or why it thinks it has the right to lecture anybody. America may be rich and powerful, but in terms of this human trafficking, all of us, including them, are in the same boat.