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Oh that Portmore would be mosquito-free

Published:Friday | July 31, 2015 | 2:12 PM


Please grant me space in your valuable newspaper to comment as follows. Some time ago, there was a newspaper article with the title, 'Portmore to be mosquito free'. The headline was met with mixed feelings, with some people asking if Portmore could really be mosquito free.

Many had their doubts of this happening, thinking that this was just another instance of talk, followed by no action. Many are hoping that this can be true, as the mosquitoes are appearing in droves again.

The newspaper article outlined that certain species of fish would be imported and placed in the swamps of Portmore, where they would destroy the eggs of the mosquitoes, thereby stopping reproduction. My questions are: Can this really happen? If it can, when will someone take responsibility for the project and make it happen?

If it can be done, Portmore deserves to benefit of it. Can the original proposer of the project and other relevant persons or bodies come together to bring it to fruition? What is the position of the Ministry of Health on this matter, especially in the aftermath of chik-V and the threat of ZIKV? Will someone who is in the know publish information to explain what is happening regarding this project? The citizens of Portmore would be grateful if this project was implemented.