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Let Alvas Powell bygones be bygones

Published:Saturday | August 1, 2015 | 10:03 PM


Not everything that is controversial is important. That was the thought that came to me in reading Orville Higgins' article about some confusion he has detected in respect of the explanations tendered by all concerned regarding Alvas Powell's walkout from the Jamaican Gold Cup squad in the USA recently.

Of what benefit is a discussion on such a relatively trivial matter arguing about what Alvas said or what his agent, Damani Ralph, said and comparing them to what Coach Sch‰fer said? It's a he-said, he-said, he-said argument over nothing, really.

Unlike Higgins, I didn't lose a minute's, let alone an hour's sleep over this issue. I have every confidence in Coach Sch‰fer, and the fact that Alvas, irrespective of what really took place, is comfortable with the coach's conduct, makes all the difference to me.

My focus - and it should be Jamaica's, too - is on the outcome. Alvas has been given a second opportunity to redeem himself. That's all that matters. From this point of view, it kinda boggles my imagination that this red herring has been raised by Higgins, because it is this same Higgins who days ago was asking that Powell be given a second chance.

It's a bit of a bait and switch that Sch‰fer has, in a manner of speaking, 'honoured' the request Higgins himself made. Well, what do you know? Leave it up to us Jamaicans! A lot of talk for talking's sake, sometimes with no proper motive.

From my perspective, all's well that ends well. Now it's on to preparing for Nicaragua, with Alvas on board, in September, hopefully, without anymore unnecessary distractions or any skeletons in the closet.