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Who protects New Kingston residents?

Published:Sunday | August 2, 2015 | 1:02 PM


As I write this letter, a bulldozer is at work demolishing a dwelling house on Pawsey Road in residential New Kingston. Nobody, including the developer, the Government, or its agencies had the common courtesy to inform the residents as to what the plans are for the area and how they will affect the residents who are helpless because they do not have the financial influence.

We the residents bought our homes as residences and not commercial properties, but now the tranquility of the area is under severe threat.

At each push of the bulldozer, the value of our investment is being devalued because the marketability of our homes is diminishing. Maybe that is the selfish motive of the developer, so that the properties will eventually be sold for a song. That can never be fair to us.

This is our investment, which did not come overnight, but through hard work and deprivation of many of the pleasures and necessities of life. Should we sell our properties now, there is no way we can acquire comparative residences with the money we will get and nobody will offer mortgages at this time of our lives.

I am not against development but there is a proper way of going about it. There are too many residential areas, including Eastwood Park, Richmond Park and countless others, that fell to commercialisation in Jamaica and the authorities obviously grinned their toothless gums while the laws are being flouted with impunity. Why do we keep voting for governments if we cannot depend on them for protection?


New Kingston