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Divisiveness root of our problems

Published:Thursday | August 6, 2015 | 7:35 PM


With the escalation of crime and its stifling effects, it is easy to conclude that it is our biggest problem. But, is it really our biggest problem, or is it the most pervasive manifestation of a deeper, greater problem, divisiveness?

The Bible states, in Matthew 12:5, that a kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation. Let us look seriously and honestly at our present situation.

We have two major political parties, PNP and JLP, and even though they exist in a democratic setting, their respective proponents are deathly against each other. I have witnessed this visceral divisiveness played out many times and by people who should know better.

I have known persons claiming to be of one party refusing to do business with others because they were believed to belong to the other side. You only have to listen to words used by these opposing sides to describe their one another to see how dangerously divided they are: Dutty Labourite fi dead. The wicked Comrade dem fi dead.

And if you think the political parties are divided, check the Church. Anyone who is not part of one of the numerous religious groups is condemned to hell. Not only is the Church divided against itself, but it is so against the rest of the society. Just listen to the language used to describe those that are not of their flock: wicked and immoral reprobate, the Devil incarnate, a monster, and so on.

It is clear that we are most divided. In this situation, there can be no harmony, consensus, synergy, cooperation, love, sharing, kindness, truth and intellectual honesty. These qualities are the sine qua non of a prosperous society.

To solve the crime problem and its various other manifestations, we need to deal urgently with our divisiveness.

The churches must put aside their ecclesiastical differences and unite under God. The rest of us, heterosexual or homosexual, uptown or downtown, rich or poor, must realise that greater than our various idiosyncrasies is our capacity to love.

The answer to our crime problem is in each and every one's heart.


Red Hills PO, St Andrew