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Rest stop for North-South highway

Published:Sunday | August 9, 2015 | 12:34 AM


On my return trip from Kington to Montego Bay using the new North-South Highway, and upon exiting the highway at Moneague, I noticed a number of food and fruit vendors along the main road.

It vividly came home to me that the vendors on the old main road at Mount Rosser and Faith's Pen have been marginalised and left without a client base. What is worse is that by the middle of next year when the highway is completed, there will be no opportunity for motorists to have a rest stop between Kingston and Ocho Rios, nor will the Mt Rosser and Faith' s Pen vendors have an opportunity to carry on their trade.

My suggestion is to use the existing Chinese contractors' office and batching plant as a rest stop when the construction of the highway is complete. Some of the work sheds could be converted into a fruit market and food outlets.

I believe that there is an underpass in this area, and, if is so, the northbound traffic could use that haul road to access the rest stop.

I believe that it would also be feasible to have a petrol station constructed on the site. In addition, the feasibility of a gas station should be investigated.

I call upon Omar Davies, minister of works, who has direct responsibility for the execution of the construction of this highway, to address this matter before the road is completed.


Montego Bay