Tue | Aug 3, 2021

Wilson's INDECOM rant vulgar opportunism

Published:Monday | August 10, 2015 | 3:38 PMDennis Meadows


Raymond Wilson does a disservice to the interest of his constituents with his thoughtless utterances. To use the funeral of this brave policewoman, Constable Crystal Thomas, to cheaply promote himself smacks of vulgar opportunism.

Crystal Thomas' untimely death had nothing to do with INDECOM, and her funeral should not have been exploited by self-serving agenda.

I applaud the good gentleman's efforts to champion the interests of his colleagues with profuse passion, but a sense of occasion should have prevailed on him.

Like anything else, INDECOM is not perfect, but it is necessary to safeguard the interest of the public who once cried for an independent body to investigate the police rather than the police investigating police.

We all court danger, if we, by our ignorance or selfishness, give succour to a culture of police killing with impunity.

Additionally, INDECOM has proven useful to those police who were exonerated and cleared by its investigations. The investigative body should make those figures known.

Mr Wilson's assertion that criminals are emboldened by INDECOM is disingenuous. Rather, criminals are emboldened by successive Government's failure to adequately train and equip the police, and a force that continues to alienate citizens by their corrupt practices. Until that gunman feels the likelihood of his being caught within 72 hours after committing a crime, murder will continue to escalate.

The law of self-defence (written or common law) doesn't afford the police any more right than the common citizen to defend their lives if threatened. If the police justifiable shoot a person in defence of his/her life, they should not fear INDECOM.