Sun | Dec 5, 2021

Cindy Breakspeare was no Miss Jamaica

Published:Monday | August 10, 2015 | 3:27 PM


Reference is being made to the portion of recent Sunday Gleaner article (August 9, 2015) that relates to Cindy Breakspeare. Ms Breakspeare was not a Miss Jamaica. The Miss Jamaica title was the property of the Jamaica Festival Commission.

There was no Miss Jamaica competition in 1976 in keeping with a decision that resulted from complaints and criticisms levelled at the Miss World competition by the Miss Jamaica winner of the previous year. Jamaica withdrew from the Miss World (i.e., the Festival Commission entity).

Entreaties were made to have Jamaica return to the competition. The Government remained adamant: no!

Ms Breakspeare won some private competition, as Miss Jamaica Bikini, (Body Beautiful) as the Miss Jamaica title was not available to the private entities. Thus, the plethora of Miss Jamaica this and Miss Jamaica that titles.

Does anyone fact-check these articles?