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Holness too good for this generation

Published:Tuesday | August 11, 2015 | 2:50 PM


It is sad that someone of promise like Andrew Holness is hamstrung by the times in which we live in Jamaica. In another era when this country embraced youth and change, he, Chris Tufton and Julian Robinson would have been more fashionable.

But Jamaican politics caters to the Paulwells, Robertsons, Waites and Spencers. We tolerate confrontational golden oldies like Nicholson, Knight, Pickersgill, Henry and Samuda.

None have anything of national significance to show despite years of posturing and favourable media coverage.

The sad thing regarding Holness is not only struggles within the Jamaica Labour Party, but the obsession young politicos like Dayton Campbell and Daniel Thwaites have with him.

Because of lineage and political ties, Mr Thwaites has benefited from Jamaica's political system. He must remember that in terms of our country's politics, he, like Paulwell, Waite and Spencer, is not without sin.

At least Holness seems to have a clean slate.

We live in a time of unprecedented dynamism. President Obama recently scolded African leaders about the dangers of staying around too long.

Jamaicans who are big fans of his should heed that warning.