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Letter of the day: Warmington's contempt: F**k off, Jamaica

Published:Tuesday | August 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM


A photograph was recently released on social media via the Observer that purportedly showed Everald Warmington, opposition member of parliament, with his arm extended, saluting the media's cameras.

However, this time around, he was not observed to be presenting the 'V', or 'Victory', hand signal typically associated with his political party. Instead, his index finger appeared to be fully retracted, leaving a defiant middle finger upright in all its glory for the cameras to capture. Mr Warmington appeared to be flipping the bird.

Perhaps the hand signal was directed at the media personnel with whom he has had some recent 'interaction'. Or perhaps his hand signal symbolises a wider message to the Jamaican public.

An excerpt from the Wikipedia definition states that this hand signal is an "obscene hand gesture" and "it communicates moderate to extreme contempt in several cultures (especially Western ones)". I would urge Jamaicans to take note of the word 'CONTEMPT'.

If Mr Warmington was indeed accurately represented in that photograph, it suggests that not only does he have contempt for the media, but a broader contempt for the Jamaican people, who he is supposed to be serving as a member of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition.

It is clear that without a credible Opposition, it seems that the incumbent Government will be re-elected, and so the Jamaican people will continue to be underserved by nepotism, mediocrity and disdain.

I suspect also that there will be a huge uproar about why the photograph was not blotted out or censored for its offensive content. However, context matters, and sometimes the media are required to report the ugliness of such political crassness.

This is a case where, if it were TV or radio, the announcer would say, "Now parents you may want to cover your children's eyes/ears due to potentially sensitive content." I say, expose this crassness for what it is. Don't cover it up!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this picture may have distilled the MP's thoughts into three words: "Jamaica, f*** off!" The Jamaican people deserve better - so much better. What ever happened to "teach us true respect for all"?


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