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Letter of the day: Time for media to act against Warmington

Published:Wednesday | August 12, 2015 | 12:00 AM


The latest display of boorish, rude, and obnoxious behaviour by member of parliament Everald Warmington signals to me the time for the media to take action.

It cannot be that journalists are treated that way by Warmington and the media allows it to continue repeatedly without strong action with the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) seems unable to act against one of its senior members who is bringing the party into disrepute.

As someone who can't be in Parliament each day, at Belmont Road when the Labourities meet or in St Ann when Dr Dayton Campbell rants, I depend on you to cover these events and report fairly and accurately on what transpired.

Your job must be done free of fear while being free and fair. I cannot accept, and I suggest that you should not accept, a politician who seeks to intimidate and bully you whenever he feels like.


the final straw


This latest debacle with him giving the media the middle finger is the final straw. This is how it begins in countries where journalists are murdered and governments shut down media houses with which they do not agree.

The next step is for one of Warmington's supporters to decide that "the media a fight 'gainst him boss", and instead of a finger it will be a gunshot. Are you going to wait until these political midgets cause their supporters to start killing journalists before you act?

I call on the news managers, Garfield Grandison, Vernon Davidson, Milton Walker, Franklyn McKnight, Garfield Burford, the Press Association of Jamaica and the Media Association of Jamaica to come together and act now.

You should start with a week-long boycott of all media releases, press conferences, and interviews by members of the JLP to protest against the action of Warmington. Any repeat of his behaviour must be followed by an even longer boycott of the JLP, particularly when Parliament resumes its sittings.

You should also contact your international partners, the Association of Caribbean Media Workers, the International Federation of Journalists, and Reporters Without Borders, to indicate this threat against working journalists in Jamaica.

Let us act now to protect the independence of the Jamaican media which has repeatedly been rated as one of the freest in the world.

Concerned media watcher