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Get your facts straight on Miss Worlds

Published:Friday | August 14, 2015 | 6:47 PMP. Chin


I've seen a few reports in The Gleaner suggesting that current Miss World Rolene Strauss from South Africa is the first reigning Miss World to ever visit Jamaica! This is very inaccurate, and normally if it was stated only once, I would ignore it as a minor error and oversight, but it has been reported more than once.

Quite a few Miss Worlds have visited Jamaica during their reigns. Spartan Health Club, the former franchise holder in Jamaica, occasionally hosted the Miss World Fashion Show for Charity locally, a very popular and well attended event. I can recall Miss World (1981) from Venezuela (Pilin Leon) visited for the show, and other Miss Worlds visited for various reasons.

Jamaica remains one of a handful of countries considered the most successful in the Miss World pageant over the decades, with three winners and several top placements. The organisation, therefore, has always had close ties with Jamaica.

I should point out some of the other Miss Worlds who visited Jamaica included Miss World (1986) from Trinidad, Gisele Laronde, Miss World (1994) from India, Aishwarya Rai, and Miss World (2002) from Turkey, Azra Akin.

In a newspaper of the calibre of The Gleaner, no matter how minor, certain facts should be researched and checked before publishing.