Fri | May 20, 2022

Media should grow up, too

Published:Thursday | August 13, 2015 | 12:08 PM


Every time I see these media entities getting upset whenever they have a bad experience with Everald Warmington, I am reminded of that spoilt child that always runs to mommy whenever his friends refuse to play with him. I really do believe that the media's call for Mr Warmington to grow up is misdirected.

While I am no fan of Mr Warmington, let's face it: The man is who he is, and he certainly has no more growing up to do. So it really makes no sense expecting better of him. However, the media are made up of organisations that are, in turn, made up of a lot of people. One, therefore, expects better from the media.

The media are fully aware of what to expect whenever their entities interact with Mr Warmington. The man has made it repeatedly clear that he wants nothing to do with them. Why our media entities think that they need to talk to Mr Warmington for reasons other than a sensational headline is totally beyond me.

My advice to the media is simple: Grow up and leave Mr Warmington alone.