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LIME customer service deplorable

Published:Friday | August 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM

I wish to publicise the disgusting way in which LIME treats its customers. My Internet service dropped on Monday, August 10 at approximately midday.

I immediately called the customer care line and reported the issue, got a reference number, and an appointment for Wednesday between 9 and 5 p.m.

On Tuesday morning, Mr Franklyn Easy called me to say he would be sending a technician to address the issue that very day. So here I thought I would be getting my service by Tuesday evening. After arranging for someone to be at the premises to wait for the said technician, to my great disappointment, nobody showed up! Nobody called to say they would be unable to make it or anything of that nature.

So once again, I notified customer care that nobody showed and they claimed to 'escalate' the report. I had an appointment for Wednesday, and so I made the arrangements for someone to be at the house. Would you believe that, again, nobody showed!

As annoyed and upset as I was, I made the customer care agent aware that the technicians disregarded my appointment, and asked what was the next step. I was told the next step is to wait ... maybe until the week ends, until next week. Heck, maybe indefinitely! The rep told me that it's subject to the technicians' availability.

So I wondered, why set an appointment if its based on their availability? And since the customer's needs are not considered, and only the technicians' time, it cements the notion that the customer is not important and, therefore, considered LAST.

Up to the time of writing on Thursday, August 13, I was yet to receive a call or a visit to the premises to fix the issue I am having with the Internet.

This is completely unacceptable, and I hope future LIME customers are aware of the indifference with which they will be treated when there are issues to be addressed. Obviously, the LIME technicians are under no rule and do their own thing and just miss appointments as they feel.