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Sunshine Girls are in the dark

Published:Friday | August 14, 2015 | 6:28 PM


I would rather be a Reggae Boy than a Sunshine Girl. Sure, the Reggae Boyz aren't the winningest team around, but they are more celebrated, respected and earn much more for the often poor job they do at international tournaments.

The Sunshine Girls may be ranked fourth in the world, making netball the most successful Jamaican team sport in terms of world ranking, but they still have to draw for their collection plates whenever the World Cup comes around.

Speaking of World Cup? Does anyone care that right now they are somewhere Down Under going for gold at the 2015 Netball World Cup finals in the name of Jamaica?

I doubt anyone knows where the collection plates sent them.

And more than likely they will do well, that is never an issue, they've never placed lower than 6th at Netball World Cup tournaments. But who cares?

The Reggae Boyz embarrass, anger and disappoint us, but we will always shower them with love and a gentle "better luck next time".

The Reggae Boyz have Jamaica's blessing. The Sunshine Girls may be favoured to play for international clubs because of their track record, but that doesn't impress us. The Reggae Boyz, on the other hand, has players who don't represent any major international clubs.

Though the Boyz may only be capable of advancing to the finals of a valuable international tournament once every 53 years, at least they know how to give Jamaica a good birthday present. Who knows, in another 53 years they could be playing Brazil in FIFA's World Cup final.

Wanting to be a Reggae Boy and not a Sunshine Girl is not a biased decision, it is a wise one. It's like choosing to be Batman and not Joker.